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    Cycle Servicing


    Fixed Price Cycle Servicing

    We provide three levels of service plan: bronze, silver and gold. We will recommend one of these service levels depending on your cycle's condition. All servicing is carried out by our Cytech trained technicians. They will evaluate the condition of all parts, and if new parts are required then we will inform you of the cost before carrying out the work. All parts are a cost in addition to the service.

    Suspension servicing is separate to our standard servicing as the work involved in servicing different forks/shocks varies. You can find out more on our fork servicing and shock servicing pages.

    Please call 0115 965 4419 or email sales@tswcycles.co.uk to enquire.


    Service Item Bronze £40 Silver £65 Gold £95
    Bike Wash check check check
    Sizing Adjustments check check check
    Tyre Inspection, Puncture Repair1 and Inflation check check check
    Safety Inspection and Wear Checks on Major Parts check check check
    Moving Parts Checked and Lubricated check check check
    Gear Tuning check check check
    Brake Adjustment and Wear Check check check check
    Lubrication of Drivetrain check check check
    New Parts Installed   Up to Three New Parts Over Three New Parts
    Pedal Bearing Service and Rebuild 2,3   check check
    Hub Strip and Rebuild 2,3   check check
    Wheels Trued 3     check
    Hydraulic Disc Brake Bleed 3     check
    Torque Checking Bolts 3     check

    1 - If needed, cost of inner tube not included.

    2 - Counts as installation of a new part.

    3 - On request only.


    Extra Services

    Don't think you need a full service? These repairs, new part installations and services are also available. We can solve nearly all problems on bikes. If you have a specialist problem or if the service you require isn't listed below, then give our friendly technicians a call.

    Please call 0115 965 4419 or email sales@tswcycles.co.uk to enquire.


    Service Cost
    Hydraulic Disc Brake Bleed £25.00 (Per Brake)
    Pedal Bearing Service and Rebuild £25.00
    Wheel Trued £20.00 (Per Wheel)
    Wheel Re-Tension £30.00
    Hub Strip and Rebuild £35.00
    Puncture Repair £5.00
    Tyre Change £5.00
    Brake Setup £15.00 (Per Brake)
    Gear Setup £15.00
    Headset Fitting £25.00
    Headset Strip and Rebuild £25.00
    Frame Bearings Replaced Price on Request
    New Bike Build (From Factory) £40.00
    Bike Packaged into Box (For Travel/Postage) £40.00